Interplay of knowledge and connection

Starting with the DNA, the basic unit of mankind, to the Internet that we use every day, everything is made up of information. However, Information can be tricky. It’s incomplete and distributed unevenly. Onionfive connects the world by transforming incomplete information into knowledge with innovative ideas and technology.

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Our core values

The way we work, talk, think, move, eat, sleep - basically everything we do, we do it based on our "3H" core values. It makes us who we are and represents who we want to be.


Together we solve problems with the care for each other and the world we live in.


Hunger is the driving force of creativity and the need to be better.


Work is serious but with humor, it can also be fun. Humor shows real confidence in what we do.

This is how we work

Based on our core values, we work under clear principles.

With purpose

Each team member’s role and responsibility is different, but there is only one goal - “Creating the best product and company".


Anyone can suggest a problem and everyone finds the solution. Never hesitate to raise a problem and never back down when solving it. We do it together.

Being rational

In onionfive we support working freely, but such freedom must be grounded with clear reasons.

Honest communication

Horizontal work culture comes from clear and frank communication. Be direct and honest. We don’t have time for bullsh*t.

It’s OK to get emotional

Sometimes things get heated but that happens when you are passionate. It's OK to get emotional sometimes at onionfive, as long as you resolve your emotion on that day.

Working in Seoul with Soul


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Representative: Inhyuk Jeon | Company Registration Number: 546-87-00583

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