Customer Support Service: Software Instead of Manpower

Customer Support Service is not about manpower.
Save cost and time with OQUPIE.

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Less Tasks, Engaged Customers

Productivity 32% ↑, Customer Satisfaction 27% ↑
Create the best customer support team with cooperation and automation.

Over 300 brands have solved
more than 100,000 inquiries with OQUPIE

More than twice as many channels than other chat services

OQUPIE’s Effective Impact on Sales

Personalised Customer Service

Integrated customer support system in just five minutes.

Reduce repeated inquiries by 21%

No development & management cost

Multi Channel Connection

Connect various communication channels to one workspace. You don’t need to visit each channel to communicate with customers.

Connect to eight channels at once

Reduce time to resolution by 60%

Automation Bot

It automatically assigns inquiries, and informs customers on progress. No more missing inquiries. CS representatives can focus on their work.

Boost inquiry process rate per person by over 30%

Subscription Service

Save money on installation and maintenance.
The amount charged is based on the number
of CS representatives & the duration.

Ten times cheaper than traditional software

Maximize cooperation

Optimized for your business

Customer Support Report

You don’t need to analyze or visualize statistics anymore. Ocupie provides real-time graph for customer support status and member performance.

External Services Connection

You can connect external services like Slack, JANDI, and Telegram to make customer support faster and easier.

Auto translation for over 60 Languages

With built-in support for 66 lanauges and auto translation, CS area can be extended globally.

Real-time Tech Support & Consulting

We provide real-time tech support & consulting to our customers too.

Create a world-class CS team

How to automate customer support?

What is the most suitable way to integrate OQUPIE with for my company?