One and only helpdesk for games, OQUPIE

Manage customer portals, inquiries, reports and more for your game with OQUPIE, and take user experience to the next level.

Stay connected with portals

Connect portal in-game to start 24/7 customer support and increase user satisfaction.

Notice & events

Deliver important news through announcements and event boards.

Inquiry templates

Create a templates for different inquiry types and collect essential information.

Knowledge base

Manage various documents such as FAQs and user guides in the knowledge base.

300+ brands connected with users worldwide

“Global release is essential for mobile games. We built a global customer support system with OQUPIE in an easy and convenient way. Now we can communicate with users around the world.”

Collaborate with your team

Ticketing makes teamwork easier and faster. Work smarter together with inquiry management system. 

Automate repetitive tasks for productivity

Minimize repetitive tasks with automation features. Build an automation system with schedule bot, notification bot, and more to increase productivity.

●  Canned replies for repetitive questions
●  Manage tickets with delivery bots
●  Reduce tasks with schedule bots

Real insight for better performance

Report contains analytics of customer support, inquiry types, and channel preference. Get insights for better customer service with reporting and analytics.

●  Rich graphs and tables
●  Analysis by channels
●  Customize date

Build better experience with OQUPIE

Want to learn more about creating user expereince for games?

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