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Check messages and reply directly using OQUPIE’s ticketing system where you can manage all your conversations.

Core Features

 Difficult tasks made easy

Ticketing System

Manage conversation between customers effectively by converting all the questions sent through multi-channels to tickets.

Collaboration and Personalization

Collaborate with your team members while personalizing your own work style. Together with your team customer support becomes fun.

Elevate Productivity

Automatic customer support to maximize efficiency with Bots that can assigns tickets, detect language, send out notifications and more.


Solve problems in advance

Hhelp your customers help themselves. Set up your own customer portal and add documents that can solve customers’ problems in advance.

Report and Analysis

Get insights from precise data and analysis


Dashboard and reports provide the data and analysis to improve the performance of your customer support. Check the state of your customer support with detailed reports on inquiry types, channel preference and more based on accurate data. Get better insights to create better customer experience.

For All Industries

Customer support made for everyone

PC & Mobile Games

Communicate with the users without leaving the game and change convert users to enthusiasts.


Solve  repetitive questions and problems with Bots, and focus on the relationship that matters.

IT / Software

Operate all your online channelsand manage customer information in a single workspace.


Help businesses and customers stay connected with powerful scalability features.

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