Simple and easy problem solving

It’s not easy to check all inquiries through various channels. So what’s the solution?


Receive problems

Check all inquiries from various online channels in a single workspace. Agents no longer need to move between multiple services.

What’s a channel?

Channel is a communication service where you can receive customer inquiries. Connect channels such as email, Facebook, Twitter, mobile app, and homepage.


Talk with customers

Check inquiries and assign them to your agents. View detailed customer information as you make conversation.

Read receipts

check whether the customer has read your reply.

Profanity filter

Protect your agents by filtering out abusive words.

Attach large files

Attach up to 3 large files per ticket.

Text editor

Better reply with reich text editor.

Shared inbox


View and manage multiple tickets. Preview your inquiries, reply to them in bulk, or change the status of your tickets.


Assigning tickets to agents and provide faster customer support.

Share notes

Write notes on tickets to share important information with your team.

Ticket status

Manage each inquiry status and check the progress of the conversation.

Additional info

More information, more solving

Customer details

Check more information related to customers by connecting to the customer portal or API integration. Get the information you need for solving problems.

Inquiry history

Check the history of past inquiries sent by customers. Write an answer that advances customer needs.

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