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Start professional customer support with ticketing

Receive inquiries from e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter with a ticketing system.


Assign tickets to agents and distribute the work load.

Type / importance / tag

Classify inquiries and manage conversations by importance and tags.


Quickly collaborate with team memo.

Collision detection

Prevent duplication by letting others know what you are working on.

More point of contact

Build your own channels and create contact points with your customers.

Customer portal

Save time and money on developing websites. Post frequently asked questions on customer portals and provide customer support 24/7. Help customers solve problems by themselves and reduce the amount of inquiries.

Mobile support

Smart portal that automatically responds to mobile and the web.

1:1 inquiry

Create various types of inquiries and set up detailed questions based on type.


Customize customer portal with your logo and variety of design elements.


Easy to install and easy to customize, widgets are the best tool to get you started.

Easy installation

complete widget installation by adding a single line of code to your website.


Help your customers navigate customer portal and send 1:1 inquiry anywhere on your website.


Customize widget buttons, colors, greetings, and more.

Customer management

Customer information is automatically registered and managed.

Increase productivity with technology

Canned response

Pre-create frequently used answers

Delivery bot

Automatically perform actions according to inquiries.

Schedule bot

Manage inquiries automatically so that you never miss out on anything.

Customer noti bot

Send notification e-mails to avoid customers waiting.

Check customer support status at a glance

How many inquiries have been received, what is the average response time, and who is responding most diligently.
Find answers to questions you have about your CS status at a glance in reports.

Powerful management features

Easy yet powerful management features to provide professional customer support

Multi-brand & language management

Manage different brands (products and services) by language from a single account.Register various brands you are servicing in your account, and connect and manage channels. Language options will automatically provide UI tailored to the selected language, helping you to communicate with customers around the world.


Assign roles such as managers, pro agents, and agents to team members and separate tasks

Brand access

If you have a large number of brands, you can distribute your work effectively with brand access restriction.

Message alert

Receive activity alert from Slack, Jandi, Telegram

Something special for mobile games

Google Play connection

Manage ratings and boost your sales. Connect Google Play to receive customer reviews and star ratings. You can manage reviews based on your ratings.

Mobile SDK support

Customers can send inquiries without leaving the game. Help customers access your customer portal directly from the game. In addition, you can see more detailed information such as device information, operating system, graphic device and more.

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